So you have updated your Pico 4 to firmware 5.6 (or newer) and all sideloaded games gives Verification failed: illegal Signature error now? Well, if you have FW still below 5.6 better keep it and do not update. But if you did, here is a guide how to solve verification error for sideloaded Pico 4 games....

Testing ACASIS TBU405 40Gbps M.2 SSD Enclosure Compatible with Thunderbolt 4 for Macs and Macbooks. I'm using Crucial P3 4TB NVMe SSD and getting speeds up to 2500MB/s using the enclosure on my 14' Macbook Pro. The drive does work as fast on my M1 Macbook Air and Mac mini...

Want to sideload free apps and games to your Pico 4 headset? It's really easy with the Sidequest! Here is how to sideload apps to the Pico 4 headset.

Guide How to Sideload apps to Pico 4

Enable Pico 4 USB Developer mode
1. Go to Pico Settings > General > About
2. Click on...

How to unlock full range and power on DJI Avata drone using FCC hack app.

Download [FCC] DJI Fly app to your phone.
Restart the drone and goggles.
Make sure official DJI Fly app is not running.
Connect the drone and connect the phone.
Run FCC DJI dly...

FCC patch unlock works with DJI RC-N1 remote and drone models:
DJI Mavic Air 2
DJI Air 2s
DJI Mini 2
DJI Mini 3 Pro
DJI Mavic 3

1. Download and install FCC patch app
Mavic Air 2 FCC -
2. Power on remote and drone
3. Unplug...

This thread is dedicated to Xiaomi DLP projectors and TVs with Xiaomi Mi TV functionality.

Fengmi M055DCN Smart Lite...

I got tired swapping Sony A7s batteries shooting on a gimbal.. so I came up with this USB to Sony camera power adapter which works flawlessly on my new Feiyu AK2000 gimbal and provides over +10h of power on a single charge!

First look at Fiido D1 folding electric e-bike! I have ordered this model from Gearbest EU warehouse and it arrived in just 4 days!...

AIWO i8 notebook - $269

I have just received the new Aiwo i8 ultrabook. And with Intel Apollo lake CPU and 6GB of RAM it's more than plenty to run any multiple apps, browse web and watch 4k video at the same time. So I...
First look at the Xiami Redmi 5 Plus. Specs, price, features, pics and a review video coming soon!

Redmi 5 Plus Global - 147 eur

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