I was playing with my Asus N550JV a bit and this what I've got - Asus Hackintosh with the latest OS X Yosemite!


Super easy to install. Booted Hirens DVD, installed R-Drive, restored OS X hdd image with it on my Asus SSD, booted with /haswell flag and that's pretty...
Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones video guide

Windows 10 for any Lumia phone step by step guide

1. Download the Windows Insider app.
Press ... > about > make sure Sys free space is 300MB or more.
If there isn't enough space, make full reset with Windows Phone...
Just installed Windows 10 Preview (Build 9926) on Onda V975W.
Super sweet update. Especially tablet UI with new window manager, notifications bar, apps and desktop.

Official Windows 10 download

I'll upload video, more pics, instructions and drivers tomorrow......

Full Android 4.4 running on Onda V975W Windows 8.1 tablet with DuOS - M emulator!
Everything works from touch, sound, 3d graphics, wifi, Google now to the smallest features like battery...

The latest tech trend - cheap Windows tablets and Onda V975W is one very good example. Super thin and light tablet advertised as iPad Air with Windows in China.

Same iPad like 9.7 inch IPS Retina screen, similar size and weight just under 500 grams. Though Onda comes...