Teclast X98 Pro boots to BIOS / how to fix missing eMMC SSD / Flashing Guide K9C6

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    One day my tablet started booting straight to BIOS. I tried restarting, resetting, but it just kept looping and booting to BIOS over and over... till I noticed, that there are no boot devices, eMMC SSD was gone. I was afraid, that SSD simply might have died, but it turns out that's just a bug in Teclast software... so here is a guide how to fix missing EMMC SSD.

    1. I used Teclast X98 Pro K9C6 Windows 10 tablet for this guide and
      • USB to micro USB adapter
      • USB Hub
      • USB keyboard
      • USB Flash drive
    2. Download Teclast X98 Pro K9C6 BIOS update with flash tool.
    3. Format USB flash drive to FAT32 and label it "WINPE"
    4. Extract BIOS update zip, move files to root folder on USB drive.
    5. Connect USB hub to the tablet with drive and keyboard.
    6. Power on tablet. It booted straight to the flash drive automatically for me.
      If not, restart and press F7 till you get to boot menu, then select USB drive.
    7. Select first drive by typing FS1:
    8. Check files by typing DIR
    9. Make sure DIR files matches with content on USB drive.
      If not, repeat with next drive name (FS2 or similar), till you find USB flash files.
    10. Run flash tool by typing
      afuefi.efi bios.bin /p /b /n /x
    11. Make sure everything went without errors.
      Else, repeat flash command. Arrow up brings up last used command.
    12. Power off the tablet. Wait 10s.
    13. Power on. Might need pluging to a charger.
    That's it! Your BIOS is updated, it should find eMMC SSD drive and boot to Windows automatically.

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    Hello! I have the same problem with the teclast x80hd, do you have the bios update for such tablet? Thanks!

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