Onda V975W tablet Windows 10 update / Pictures, Video, Guide

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    Just installed Windows 10 Preview (Build 9926) on Onda V975W.
    Super sweet update. Especially tablet UI with new window manager, notifications bar, apps and desktop.

    Official Windows 10 download

    I'll upload video, more pics, instructions and drivers tomorrow...



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    Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926

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    Windows 10 Preview Installation for Onda V975W

    Installation was super simple.
    Download official Windows 10 preview 9926 image for x86 machines.
    Copy files to USB stick.
    Connect USB stick and keyboard
    F7 on boot for quick boot menu, then select USB stick.
    Windows wizard will guide through installation process.
    I would recommend to format C drive and make fresh install.

    Windows 10 doesn't come with drivers for Onda, but Windows 8.1 driver pack worked perfect.
    Onda v975 - Windows 8.1 drivers pack - 133.61MB
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Discussion in 'TechCat Blog' started by Original, Jan 23, 2015.

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