Onda V975W - 9.7 inch Windows 8.1 tablet Video Review and Guide

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By Justin on Jan 3, 2015 at 3:33 PM
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    The latest tech trend - cheap Windows tablets and Onda V975W is one very good example. Super thin and light tablet advertised as iPad Air with Windows in China.

    Same iPad like 9.7 inch IPS Retina screen, similar size and weight just under 500 grams. Though Onda comes with the latest Intel Atom chip, that is comparable to Intel chips in notebook computers. Just as fast and powerful, allows multi-tab browsing and full desktop experience. 4K video playback is just a breakfast for this CPU, it's capable of running some of the latest PC games like Hearstone, Minecraft and Call of Duty.

    Onda V975W Technical specs
    CPU Intel Z3735D Quad Core
    GPU Intel HD Graphics
    System Windows 8.1
    RAM 2GB
    Capacity 32GB
    Screen 9.7 inch IPS Retina Capacitive Touch Screen
    Resolution 2048x1536

    I have bought this tablet from Banggood, there it sells just for US$194.99 right now.

    Onda V975W video review

    Android 4.4 emulator on Onda V975W tablet (Android emulator thread)

    How to change Windows language to English? Onda V975W guide.

    Windows 10 Preview Onda V975W tablet (Win 10 thread)

    Onda V975W HDMI out with Unic UC40 mini projector

    Windows 8.1 with Bing original ISO image for Onda V975W

    Onda v975 - Windows 8.1 drivers pack - 133.61MB
    Useful for fresh Windows installs or driver update.
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    Onda V975W BIOS 0911
    BIOS update for CPU idle and other issue on old version.
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Discussion in 'TechCat Blog' started by Justin, Jan 3, 2015.

    1. Jhanzeb
      i bought it, awsome tab but battery timing is average
    2. M. Bellos
      M. Bellos
      hello there
      how to a go to bios to check the version and other stuff
      any help is welcome
    3. Justin
      Plug USB keyboard and hit esc or f7 then booting.
      M. Bellos likes this.
    4. Boyeen
      Jason, excellent work and much appreciated. I just ordered one.
      One question if I may: I haven't seen you describe the otg cable you use? Does it allow simultaneous charge & USB usage?
    5. M. Bellos
      M. Bellos
      Yes .... I have the same cable and allow simultaneous charge & USB usage for up to 3 devices
    6. Original
      New toy! Unic UC40 - $83

    7. Scott Chen
      Scott Chen
      Mine is getting slow these days and I hope the upgrade to Win 10 could solve this problem.
    8. Justin
      Mine still runs perfectly fine.
      I think you could do Windows refresh/recovery.
      Or even completely reinstall Win 8.1 with this disk and old license key.
    9. Neo Getz
      Neo Getz
      Really great post, thanks!
    10. thesito
    11. zaqosek
    12. Linda
      Getting mine from banggood. Super excited. Hoping i dont have any problems with it
    13. JaayPac
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    14. ehsan
      nice one, i was looking for this
    15. doclakor
    16. akman78
      thanks for the review
    17. karoum
    18. karoum
    19. rktb7376
      can work win + androaid ?
    20. Dipper315

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