Half-Life: Alyx - Cheats, Mods, Console Commands

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    Half-Life: Alyx Cheats and Console Commands

    Right Click Half Life Alyx in Steam, select Properties.
    After opening up the properties window select “Set Launch Options”
    A text box window will pop up where you will have to type “-console –vconsole” and press “OK”

    Press “~” on your keyboard to open up the in game console.

    Console Commands

    sv_cheats 1 - enables cheats
    god - Toggle invincibility.
    impulse 101 - Gives all weapons and 20 resin
    impulse 102 - Gives all weapon upgrades
    sv_infinite_ammo 1 - Toggle infinite ammo for all weapons
    sv_infinite_clips 1 - Toggle infinite ammo for your magazine, no reloading required
    hlvr_shotgun_grant_upgrades 3 - Gives Shotgun with all upgrades unlocked.

    give item_hlvr_crafting_currency_small - spawns resin

    give item_hlvr_weapon_energygun — Spawns pistol at your feet.

    vr_energygun_ammo_per_clip — Amount of ammo in each pistol mag. Can go over too. (default: 10)

    vr_energygun_rof <Seconds> — Time between shots for the pistol. (default 0.175)

    hlvr_energygun_grant_upgrade <Upgrade ID> — Grants Pistol upgrades.
    0 : Laser Sight
    1 : Reflex Sight
    2 : Bullet Hopper
    3 : Burst Fire

    give item_hlvr_weapon_shotgun — Spawns shotgun at your feet.

    hlvr_shotgun_give — Gives you the shotgun.

    vr_shotgun_rof <Seconds> — Changes the time between shots in seconds for the shotgun. (default 0.5)

    vr_energygun_handcannon_pellet_count <Number> — Number of shotgun pellets per shot.

    hlvr_shotgun_grant_upgrade <Upgrade ID> — Grants shotgun upgrades.
    0 : AutoLoader
    1 : Grenade Launcher
    2 : Laser Sight
    3 : Quick Fire

    give item_hlvr_weapon_rapidfire — Spawns SMG at your feet.

    vr_rapidfire_ammo_per_capsule <Amount> — Amount of ammo in each smg mag. Going over the default will empty your backpack quicker. (default: 30).

    vr_rapidfire_rof <Seconds> — Time between shots for the smgl. (default 0.10f)

    hlvr_rapidfire_grant_upgrade <Upgrade ID> — Grants SMG upgrades.
    0 : Energy Ball (UNUSABLE)
    1 : Tag Dart (UNUSABLE)
    2 : Stun Grenade Clips (UNUSABLE)
    3 : Exploding Bullets (UNUSABLE)
    4 : Reflex Sight
    5 : Laser Sight

    Tool Commands
    give item_hlvr — Spawns the flashlight at your feet.
    hlvr_give_flashlight — Gives you the flashlight and turns it on. (Will be an ERROR model if you don’t have the gloves).

    Gravity Gloves
    vr_hand_pull_acceleration_max <Value> — The pull strength of the gloves. (default 500)

    vr_hand_pull_angle_far <Value> — When you flick your wrist, objects can be moved to the side with this setting. 0 means the object will always go straight towards you. 90 means you can send it to the side. (This is for far away objects. Set between 0 and 90).

    vr_hand_pull_angle_near <Value> — Same as above but for closer objects

    vr_hand_pull_angle_far_distance <Value> — The distance for an object to be considered far away.

    vr_hand_pull_angle_near_distance <Value> — The distance for an object to be considered close.

    vr_hand_pull_acceleration_debug 1 — Show the trajectory of pulled objects.

    hlvr_addresources 0 0 0 0 change as needed

    hlvr_addresources 10 0 0 0 gives 10 pistol ammo
    hlvr_addresources 0 10 0 0 gives 10 smg ammo
    hlvr_addresources 0 0 10 0 gives 10 shotgun ammo
    hlvr_addresources 0 0 0 10 gives 10 Resin

    More ideas from HL2 commands

    npc_create npc_ [name]

    "alyx" (Alyx Vance)
    "barney" (Barney Calhoun)
    "dog" (Dog)
    "kleiner" (Dr. Kleiner)
    "eli" (Eli Vance)
    "mossman" (Judith Mossman)
    "monk" (Father Grigori)
    "citizen" (Citizen)
    "headcrab" (Standard Headcrab)
    "zombie" (Standard Zombie)
    "zombie_torso" (Standard Zombie Torso)
    "headcrab_fast" (Fast Headcrab)
    "headcrab_black" (Black Headcrab, idk what it is...)
    "headcrab_poison" (Poison Headcrab)
    "fastzombie" (Fast Zombie)
    "poisonzombie" (Poison Zombie)
    "antlion" (Antlion)
    "antlionguard" (Antlion Guard)
    "combine_s" (Combine Soldier/Combine Elite/Prison Guard)
    "metropolice" (Metro Cop)
    "stalker" (Stalker)
    "cscanner" (City Scanner)
    "manhack" (Manhack)
    "rollermine" (Rollermine)
    "combine_mine" (Hopper Mine)
    "combine_camera" (Combine Camera)
    "turret_floor" (Combine Turret)
    "turret_ceiling" (Ceiling Turret)
    "turret_ground" (Ground Turret)
    "launcher" (Available to spawn, but it havent got model already lulz)
    "combinedropship" (Dropship)
    "combinegunship" (Gunship)
    "strider" (Strider)
    "pigeon" (Pigeon)
    "crow" (Crow)
    "seagull" (Seagull)
    "barnacle" (Barnacle)
    "ichthyosaur" (Ichthyosaur)
    "vortigaunt" (Vortigaunt)

    Spawning different enemies

    give weapon/item_[name]

    Available Items to Spawn
    item_healthkit - Spawns health kit
    item_healthvial - Spawns health vial
    item_box_buckshot - Spawns shotgun ammo
    item_box_mrounds - Spawns SMG ammo
    item_box_sniper_rounds - Spawns crossbow ammo
    item_box_srounds - Spawns AR2 ammo
    item_battery - Spawns HEV suit battery
    item_suit - Spawns HEV Suit
    item_ml_grenade - Spawns SMG grenade (alt attack)
    item_ar2_grenade - Spawns AR2 gravity ball (alt attack)

    Available Weapons to Spawn
    weapon_ar2 - Spawn a Pulse Rifle
    weapon_bugbait - Spawn a Bug Bait
    weapon_crowbar - Spawn crowbar
    weapon_frag - Spawns an frag grenade
    weapon_crossbow - Spawns a crossbow
    weapon_alyxgun - Spawns Alyx Gun
    weapon_physcannon - Spawns Gravity Gun
    weapon_physgun - Spawns Physics Gun (only hl2 beta)
    weapon_pistol - Spawns 9 mm Pistol
    weapon_rpg - Spawns RPG
    weapon_shotgun - Spawns Classic Shotgun (SPAS-12)
    weapon_smg1 - Spawns SMG
    weapon_357 - Spawns Revolver
    weapon_annabelle - Spawns Father Grigori's Shotgun called Annabelle.

    give currentammo - fill all ammo
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    More ideas.
    You can create a whole cheats CFG + bind controller buttons

    //cheats.cfg cheat config
    //Goes to \Half-Life Alyx\game\hlvr\cfg\

    //enable cheats
    sv_cheats 1

    //god mode and ammo
    God 1
    sv_infinite_ammo 1
    sv_infinite_clips 1
    Set Chode_Buster 0

    //Increase weapons damage
    vr_energygun_dmg 999
    vr_rapidfire_dmg 999
    vr_energygun_handcannon_dmg 999

    //Puzzles show the solution
    vr_hacking_difficulty_override First
    vr_hacking_show_solution 1
    hlvr_multitool_toner_trace_horizontal_distance 10000

    //Cheat Bindings
    bind JOY1 "give item_hlvr_grenade_frag"
    bind JOY2 "hl_blind_zombie_generate_sound"
    bind JOY3 "notarget"

    Easy Jeff Cheats CFG

    Hidden Content:
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    Fly with mouse and Keyboard

    vrfly_enabled 1 — Enables a mode to fly around with the keyboard, Completely disables head tracking.
    WASD to move and arrow keys to look.

    vrfly_speed 60 — Changes the flying speed.

    Invisible to enemies

    Notarget - invisible to enemies, except Jeff
    buddha — You take damage but can’t die, except Jeff

    Spawn NPCs

    npc_create npc_headcrab

    List available NPCs in Half Life Alyx
    • npc_zombie — Zombie.
    • npc_zombie_blind - Jeff
    • npc_barnacle — Fully working, but will spawn inside floors and ceilings.
    • npc_antlion - Lion bug
    • npc_headcrab — Normal headcrab.
    • npc_headcrab_armored — Armored headcrab.
    • npc_headcrab_black — Toxic headcrab.
    • npc_headcrab_fast — Lightning dog.
    • npc_headcrab_runner — Fast headcrab. Spawns, but has no AI or sounds.
    • npc_combine_s — White Combine with gas canister.
    • npc_manhack — Manhack.
    Spawn Items

    give <Item Name>
    • item_hlvr_grenade_frag — Combine grenade.
    • item_hlvr_grenade_xen — Xen grenade.
    Load Levels

    map <MapName> — Used to load a map. Can also load maps from the SteamVR Workshop Tools
    • startup — Alyx logo and main menu.
    • a1_intro_world — Game Start.
    • a1_intro_world_2
    • a2_drainage
    • a2_headcrabs_tunnel
    • a2_hideout
    • a2_pistol
    • a2_quarantine_entrance
    • a2_train_yard
    • a3_c17_processing_plant
    • a3_distillery
    • a3_hotel_interior_rooftop
    • a3_hotel_lobby_basement
    • a3_hotel_street
    • a3_hotel_underground_pit
    • a3_station_street
    • a4_c17_parking_garage
    • a4_c17_tanker_yard
    • a4_c17_water_tower
    • a4_c17_zoo
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    This was directly lifted from here: https://github.com/jamhamster/AlyxCheats/ go there if you want to see the full content without having to click like (which is ludicrous, I mean this info to be free).

    I added the Chode_Buster line myself to catch lazy copy/pasting, it doesn't do anything.
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    I finally broke down and bought Half-Life Alyx at full price. What a game. I am still at the beginning but this game is so well done. Even though my PC just meet the minimum spec and I am running at low fidelity, this is still the best VR game i have played in terms of graphics, controls, and game play.

    I am simultaneously excited and scared to play this game [​IMG]
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    no response.
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    I finally broke down and bought Half-Life Alyx at full price. What a game. I am still at the beginning but this game is so well done. Even though my PC just meets the minimum spec and I am running at low fidelity, this is still the best VR game I have played in terms of graphics, controls, and gameplay.

    I am simultaneously excited and scared to play this game

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