Cheap Custom Smartphone Car / Bike mount - DIY guide

Discussion in 'Smartphones' started by Justin, Dec 6, 2014.

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    Dec 6, 2014

    I hate cheap universal phone car mounts that never fit my device properly. I hate to buy overpriced genuine phone accessories every time I switch phone too. And most of times there aren't even anything at all for the latest smartphone. So the only option left was to build my own custom phone car mount. It surprised me, how simple it was and cost me just a few dollars![​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My first build was for HTC Desire and my BMW few years ago. Then I adapted same design for my motorcycle. After that, I've build similar mounts for all my later devices: Samsung Galaxy S2, Sony Xperia S, Samsung Galaxy S3, Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 920 even iPhone 5S!


    I've bought a Garmin Nuvi car mount (or bike) for ($3) from eBay and a hard case for my phone model ($2). Then it's just a matter of cutting Gamin Nuvi mount flat and sticking it to the desired hard case with a double tape. That's it! Project done!


    Here it's the greatest car mount invented that fits your phone perfectly and cost around five dollars with bike accessory for an extra dollar and additional $3 hard case for any phone model you will decide to upgrade later!


    I guess, that's why I've never even looked at other GPS car holders after I've built my first DIY mount for HTC Desire. After that it was building same things for all of my later devices.
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    Dec 20, 2014
    Great idea! I'll try to make one too. :)
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    cool on bike

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