If you get this awesome screen with GTA5 too. Here is a fix.
Probably one or more files from your game download is corrupted.

To check it use WinMD5Free utility.

WinMD5Free ultility...
I was playing with my Asus N550JV a bit and this what I've got - Asus Hackintosh with the latest OS X Yosemite!


Super easy to install. Booted Hirens DVD, installed R-Drive, restored OS X hdd image with it on my Asus SSD, booted with /haswell flag and that's pretty...
Just installed Windows 10 Preview (Build 9926) on Onda V975W.
Super sweet update. Especially tablet UI with new window manager, notifications bar, apps and desktop.

Official Windows 10 download

I'll upload video, more pics, instructions and drivers tomorrow......
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