Microlab Solo 9C - 2.0 audio system video review and images

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    Microlab Solo 9C digital audio system. Digital means it has digital HDMI and optical inputs, you can connect video game consoles and similar devices to 9C with ease. It has standard analog RCA inputs for music players and PC too. The main feature of Microlab Solo 9C is of course new D class amp, that is way more powerful, but consumes less power, almost doesn't heat compared to old Solo models like 7C.

    Original Microlab Solo 9C review (in lithuanian). I didn't bother to translate it, though feel free to ask any questions about this system.





    Microlab 9C video review

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    Jan 22, 2015
    What are main differences between Solo 7C and 9C? Just amp efficiency?
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    9C has a better build quality in general from little knobs and cables to new nicer wood finish.
    AMP makes a huge difference in efficiency, power and sound quality. 9C improved sound almost in all aspects.
    9c has extra digital inputs.
    New remote with 9C.

    Microlab 7C the only advantage is slightly lower price, but I think 9C upgrade is more than worth the price difference.

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