Pico 4 guide - Sideloading Games with Sidequest

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    Want to sideload free apps and games to your Pico 4 headset? It's really easy with the Sidequest! Here is how to sideload apps to the Pico 4 headset.

    Guide How to Sideload apps to Pico 4

    Enable Pico 4 USB Developer mode
    1. Go to Pico Settings > General > About
    2. Click on software version several times in a row, till secret developer menu tab appears.
    3. Click Developer > Enable USB Debug

    Sideload apps using SideQuest on Windows/Mac
    1. Download and install Sidequest Advanced https://sidequestvr.com/setup-howto
    2. Connect headset to PC/Mac using USB cable
    3. Open SideQuest
    4. Click Allow connection in the headset, if prompted.
    5. Pico name with green dot will appear in top left corner in the SideQuest
    6. Click running tasks (check-mark icon in the top right corner)
    7. Drag .apk file on the window and wait for the app to be installed

    Pico4Free telegram group https://t.me/pico4free

    Obb game folder install
    If game comes with extra obb folder.
    Click on the Folder icon in the top right of Sidequest window
    Open /Android/obb/ directory and drag to copy the game folder

    Launch sideloaded games
    1. Open Pico 4 library
    2. Click Unknown sources tab
    3. Launch game


Discussion in 'TechCat Blog' started by Justin, Apr 26, 2023.

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